Not OK: Stop Sexual Harassment


FWRM Sexual Harassment A1 PosterThe “Not OK: Stop Sexual Harassment” campaign is an awareness raising initiative to stop sexual harassment in the workplace using data from FWRM’s 2016 study onthe prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace. This study was a follow-up to FWRM's ground-breaking study conducted in 2002. In the 2016 study, from the 1013 women surveyed, it was found that 1 in 5 had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

Part of the campaign includes publishing and disseminating info-graphic posters and pocket pamphlets that contain findings from the 2016 research and also provide knowledge and resources on stopping sexual harassment. FWRM also produced this short animated info-graphic video for social media.

Supported through the Australian Government through the We Rise Coalition


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For more information on collecting the "Not Ok! Stop Sexual Harassment" pamphlets and posters contact .


The Sexual Harassment in the Work Place Follow Up Study is available below: