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 The first ever Pacific Feminist Forum took place in Suva, Fiji. The forum brought together women’s rights defenders, feminists, activists and women from multifarious backgrounds across the South Pacific for 3 days of collaboration to begin on Monday November 28th to Wednesday 30th November, culminating with a commemorative occasion to celebrate World Human Rights Defenders Day.

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) along with its event partners and a Working Group of Pacific Island representatives organised the PFF as a means of ‘mapping journeys and building movements’ amongst feminists across the region.



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  • Launch of the Pacific Feminists Charter for Change

    Press Release: Launch of the Pacific Feminists Charter for Change
    The 2016 Pacific Feminist Charter was launched at the Pacific Feminist Forum at the University of the South Pacific today.
    The outcomes document titled 'Pacific Feminists Charter for Change' reflected the issues raised during the three days of discussions.
    Fiji Women’s Rights Movement Michelle Reddy said developing the charter was an enriching experience for a lot of participants, who had a chance to hear about the different issues from around the region.
    "It’s been a historic moment bringing over a hundred feminists from Fiji and 12 other Pacific Island countries together, to a space of vibrant discussions where we’re able to talk about issues that we face in the Pacific.”
    Miki Wali of the Haus of Khameleon said the document captures Pacific feminist perspectives and priorities.
    “It talks about our diversities, who we are, the multiple intersecting forms of violence that we are facing in the Pacific. It’s a process where we were able to tell our stories and inform everyone, those with authority, about our challenges.”
    Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality Noelene Nabulivou said the charter documented the voices of Pacific Feminists to map out effective processes in furthering gender equality and women's human rights in the Pacific.
    “During the process of developing the charter, we found that women across the Pacific are really interested in universal human rights, social economic and ecological justice. It’s not just about women and girls but about equity and fairness for everyone.”
    Pacific Young Women Leadership Alliance member Yoshiko Capelle said,
    “We’re only going to move forward. It’s great to have a strong feminist movement that supports and encourages young women in the Pacific who are still trying to find their journey.”
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  • Countdown Begins for the Pacific Feminist Forum

    Countdown Begins for the Pacific Feminist Forum
    The Pacific Feminist Forum is an opportunity to strengthen the regional feminist movement in order to amplify their concerns and issues at global spaces.
    “This was once just an idea but now, through the hard work of a group of regional feminists and support from partners, we will be making herstory by hosting the first forum of this nature in the Pacific,” said the Fiji Women's Rights Acting Executive Director, Michelle Reddy during a PACMAS media training conference at Tanoa Plaza today.
    Member of Diverse Voices and Action for Equality (DIVA), Shirley Tagi said, "Here in the Pacific, we are starting it. A small start will create a ripple effect and in five years time the event can be bigger than we ever dreamed of.” "As a feminist we always say, 'If you don't speak now, you will never speak again' and nothing will be done. This is the space where we celebrate our diversity as women from around the Pacific."
    Ms Reddy said the three-day event consisted of different thematic areas that reflected on the work of Pacific feminists. The forum opening plenary on day 1 will be open to the public, while workshops were limited to participants only.
    “We will also be commemorating Women’s Human Rights Defenders Day on 29 November with a panel open to the public,” said Ms Reddy. “We’re also very excited to celebrate FWRM’s 30th birthday which coincides with the PFF.”
    The forum will take from the 28th-30th of November at the University of the South Pacific Laucala Campus.


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  • Stage set for Inaugural Pacific Feminist Forum

    Stage set for Inaugural Pacific Feminist Forum
    Feminists and women's human rights defenders from across the region will gather, specifically as Pacific Islanders, for the first time at the University of the South Pacific (USP) Laucala Campus in Suva, Fiji as part of the Pacific Feminist Forum in November this year.
    “This is an important forum, besides being the first of its kind, it will help mobilize and strengthen the women's movement in the Pacific,” said Fiji Women's Rights Movement (FWRM) Acting Executive Director Michelle Reddy. “Pacific feminists are always present at global spaces lobbying for issues important to us, but there has never been a space in our own region to engage and strengthen solidarity," she said.
    "The forum is a unique opportunity to come together and celebrate our achievements as well as learn from each other and build new relationships." This is in line with the overall PFF theme, "Mapping Journeys and Building Movements."
    The 3-day forum will consist of a series of workshops aligned to the theme, plenaries open to the public and closed plenaries exclusively for PFF participants, information booths and market set-ups. Additionally, the forum dates fall on important milestones within the human rights calendar and for the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement itself.
    "The forum takes place in November 28, 29, 30 which is part of the 16 Days of Activism," said Reddy. "This is also especially important to us as it commemorates Women’s Human Rights Defenders Day and FWRM’s 30th anniversary."
    The Forum is set to bring together around 100 women and human rights activists from 22 island states including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Republic of Marshall Islands, Autonomous Region of Bougainville. The forum is organised by the Fiji Women's Rights Movement in partnership with Bold Alliance, Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality, Haus of Khameleon, the Pacific Young Women's Leadership Alliance (PYWLA), International Women's Development Agency (IWDA), the University of the South Pacific, UN Women, the Westpac Women's Markets and FemLINKPACIFIC. This activity is supported through the We Rise 2 program, with the We Rise Coalition, and funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
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