GIRLS Digital Stories Launch


Jamila Sahim

"I am playing soccer, a male dominated sport. If I can be good so can you! My message to girls out there, Speak Up, Speak Out and be Heard."

Julia Singh

"Well, let me enlighten you today, that Violence is not just restrricted to physical form. Girls and women face the same type of violence in the virtual world."

Kavita Deo

"A lot of men think that a female's place is in the kitchen, cooking and looking after the children; but I say, we are EQUAL."

Teresa Tei

"I was bullied because of the ethnic group I came from, but that did not make me feel ashamed of my culture and of who I am."

Laisa Buinimasi

"To all young girls, who have been through and who are going through difficulties and hardships; I want you to remember that there is always someone who cares about you and for you to be strong and vocal or if you think that all hope is lost, you are wrong."

Makalesi Mata

"Girls can do anything, I can do anything, I can be anything I want,"- Makelesi Mata

Nancy Sahim

"Girls have a voice. Girl's rights are human rights."

Roumue Fatiaki

"Be Strong, Be Confident and never look back, no matter what."- Roume

Tia'ana Donu

"Even though, I was scared but still I stood up to him and told him "Stop bullying my sister"; and he never bullied my sister again.

Tania Tei

"Some people think that they're strong because they are big and tall, but strength is not about size."

Joana Marama

"My topic is about bullying, because I used to bully one of my friends in school"

Maclicia Perman

"I on the other hand, stood up and told them to stop bullying us, but they didn't listen."

Mikayla Donu

"Why I chose this topic (bullying) is because I have been bullied by my friend, and it hurt my feelings. So I thought of telling my teacher."

Unise Tiko

"The GIRLS program has allowed me to learn more about what I can do. This learning has allowed me to share my ideas as my voice matters."

Tamara Mua

"My parents used to say that I was a peaceful and quiet girl; but ever since I was bullied, I've become more rebellious to my parents and in school."

Elainah Jones

"Then one day, I said 'That is it!'. I've had enough of this, I'm gonna tell them to stop it (bullying)."


GIRLS Club and Theatre members during the Suva Fun Run in August 2017

GIRLS Club members and staff Daiana on an excursion earlier in 2017

International Women's Day was celebrated with new GIRLS recruits at Suva's Sukuna Park.

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