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  • Law for Pacific Women

    Law for Pacific Women: a legal rights Handbook (1998) by Imrana Jalal examines legislation, copurt decisions, common law , legal structures and legal practices in the Pacific Islands through the lens of a human rights lawyer and feminist, committed to the pursuit of gender equality.

    Fueled by the prevailing realities of injustices against women, Jalal traveled the region prior to 1998, critically analysing and documenting gender issues and the law, and their intersections. Written in user-friendly language, the 700 page Handbook demystifies the law and provides readers with a practical understanding of how the law affects women.

    In 2013, the original Handbook by Jalal was updated by the Pacific Regional Rights Resource Team (RRRT) of the Pacific Community (SPC) in the form of the Supplement to Law for Pacific Women: A Legal Rights Handbook (96 pages). Despite some good progress, the Supplement shows that there is much more work to be done before gender justice is fully achieved.

    The Handbook and Supplement are designed to be used together. Both are available free of charge here, with the compliments of the FWRM and RRRT. Download both in full.


  • Fijian Women's political Herstory

    The Fijian Women’s Political Herstory is about the development of women’s and young women’s organizations, how they came about in their time, what the organizations were struggling for and how they progressed. This includes how and when different women’s organizations engaged with the government of the day, from the outside or the inside, and what issues women prioritized for public action.

    The engagement with government of the time – with women’s and young women’s opinion, demands, advocacy, interventions, criticism or valued inputs to policies and programmes, is evident in the political herstory.

    The publication is a joint project between the Fiji Women’s Forum and the Young Fiji Women’s Forum (both Secretariat Coordinators are based in FWRM). The initial concept of the Herstory came about in the FLOW (Fiji-Burma) Exchange Programme in June 2014 where both forum representatives realized that there was a need to document the historical experiences of women’s political (local and national) participation in Fiji. Motivated to increase young women’s political participation, intergenerational learning and leadership, the publication will be a significant resource in increasing the visibility of women’s political representation.


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