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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji

Fiji Young Women's Forum

FWRM believes that any process without young women's full engagement in national or local elections is not a democratic process. Strengthening the capacity of young women in various political spaces is democracy in action and encourages young women to bring about transformative change in their communities.

The IWLP has provided a Secretariat role that strives to facilitate constructive alliances between young women-led organisations to conceptualise the Fiji Young Women's Forum. This builds on the rich tradition of activism and feminism by Fijian women throughout our national herstory.

The Fiji Young Women’s Forum (FYWF) is now co-convened by the Emerging Leaders Forum Alumni (ELFA), femLINKpacific and House of Colours. These three organisations, along with former co-convener, Diverse Voices for Equality Fiji (DIVA) have demonstrated great leadership and solidarity in young Fijian women by producing five progressive outcome statements in five forums in response to barriers to young women's meaningful participation and representation in Fiji's democratisation process.

The FYWF recognises the unique young women-led space that fosters solidarity amongst a diversity of young women which includes young lesbian, bisexual transgender, queer and intersex persons, young women with disabilities, young women of both religious and non-religious beliefs, aspiring young women politicians, young women sex workers, rural young women and young women mental health consumers.

Recognising that young women have been marginalised from national democratisation processes motivated FYWF to affirm that Personal is Political, consequently creating visibility in this process. The FYWF has provided a strategic platform to motivate young women voters in the 2014, 2018 and 2022 Elections to raise awareness and the ongoing work to enhance active citisenship to hold national leaders accountable. 

The FYWF also produces the 'My Guide to Voting' (MG2V) Booklet with the main aim of helping young women understand the importance of voting in relation to human rights, gender and feminism in order and encouraging them to participate in the elections process by voting in Fiji's national elections. The booklet was first published in 2014 and is updated every election year. The most recent version is available below along with the National Declaration published in 2022.