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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


01 July 2016


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


Change of leadership at the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

Change of leadership at the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement

1 July 2016

The Executive Director of the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement, Tara Chetty will be leaving the organisation in August this year.

“While we are sad to lose her, I know she will bring invaluable expertise to her new role and the Board wishes her every success for the future,” said FWRM Governance Board Chairperson Daiana Buresova.

“Tara has played a pivotal role in further profiling FWRM at the regional and international levels as it relates to pioneering gender analysis. Tara is highly skilled at resource mobilisation which saw her and her team secure critical core international funding for FWRM for 2015 to 2019,” said Buresova.

A committed feminist and women’s rights advocate, Chetty has had a long association with the Movement, beginning as a FWRM board member in 2002. She then joined the FWRM staff in 2005 as Communications Officer. After returning from post-graduate study, she moved into management in 2012 as Programme Director and finally became FWRM’s Executive Director in February 2015.
Both Buresova and Chetty are confident that FWRM’s dedicated staff will continue to advance the Movement’s work under new leadership, guided by FWRM’s core values: feminism, the rule of law, democracy, good governance and human rights.

“My time at FWRM has been an incredibly enriching experience, where I have had the opportunity to learn from and work with many amazing people – including fellow activists and leaders here in Fiji, the Pacific and around the world,” said Chetty.

“I am going to miss the exciting and innovative work I have had the privilege of being a part of at FWRM, particularly our work with young women and girls. But while I am leaving the organization, I'm not leaving the movement and will continue to be a part of our collective efforts for women's rights in the region.”
Chetty is leaving FWRM to take up a role at a regional organisation promoting gender equality.

FWRM is a feminist non-governmental organisation that remains steadfast in its commitment to its core values of feminism, the rule of law, democracy, good governance, and human rights as part of its work in advocating for legal and policy reform to uphold women’s rights.