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29 December 2017


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


Fiji NGOCHR Visits Locked Out ATS Workers

NGOCHR PR: Fiji NGOCHR Visits Locked Out ATS Workers


The Fiji NGO Coalition on Human Rights visited the locked out ATS workers to express support and solidarity on Wednesday 27th December.

After listening to the concerns of the workers, the NGOCHR would like to raise issues affecting sanitation and access to water due to the lockout. The workers who are locked out have been barred access to using the taps or washroom facilities maintained by ATS.

Further to their plight, the Water Authority of Fiji in Nadi and Lautoka has refused to supply water for the temporary water tank for the workers. Cutting access to water for workers with grievances is completely unacceptable, said NGOCHR Rep, Shamima Ali.

The NGOCHR continues to support workers rights and would urge authorities to uphold the tenets of these rights.

NGOCHR member Chantelle Khan said it has been very encouraging to see the ATS workers and their supporters standing firm to exercise their rights as the lockout continues on to the 13th day.

The NGOCHR requests their management to give the workers a fair go and agree to an amicable outcome, which suits both parties.


For any further queries please contact NGOCHR Secretary Menka Goundan on 998 2283 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.