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16 November 2015


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


FWRM Congratulates All Political Candidates

Thursday 18th September, 2014 PRO8/2014


FWRM Congratulates All Political Candidates

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement congratulates all candidates on their individual success in yesterday’s historic elections. After eight years, it was heartening to witness a high turnout of voters from all communities, particularly young women, the elderly, and those living with disabilities.

FWRM also acknowledges with immense pride, the performance of the 44 women candidates contesting under the six political party banners, as well as an independent candidate.

“ Based on the trends of the released preliminary results, we expect to see 9 women in our new House of Representatives. This is 7% more than the number of women who were elected in the 2006 elections, “ said FWRM Executive Director, Virisila Buadromo. This is the largest number of women representatives in Fiji’s Parliamentary history.

“ For FWRM, these results demonstrate a change in cultural and societal mindsets towards women in politics. We look forward to re-engaging with a more diverse and empowered legislature that is accountable to the people, “ said Buadromo.