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17 March 2017


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


FWRM GIRLS Organise a "Women in Conservation" Excursion

FWRM GIRLS organise a "Women in Conservation" excursion  

17 March, 2017

The Fiji Women's Rights Movement (FWRM) Grow Inspire Relate Lead Succeed (GIRLS) Club has organised a day trip around Suva to highlight the importance of women in conservation.

The Club includes 20 graduates of FWRM’s 3-year GIRLS programme who are between the ages of 12 to 17. The program under FWRM’s Intergenerational Women in Leadership Team helped create visibility of the girl child through creative methods like story-telling, theatre arts and sports. Seeking to continue working with programme, the graduates formed a new Club to support and mentor the new GIRLS cohort for the next 3 years.

“Girls are usually among the most vulnerable to effects of climate change and situations of natural disasters. It’s critical to empower girls to learn about their environment in order to strengthen existing efforts in conservation,” said FWRM’s Executive Director Nalini Singh. “The inclusion of their unique perspectives and experiences is an important step to ensure equal participation and stronger national capacity to better manage environmental challenges.”

The trip, in partnership with Nature Fiji-Mareqeti Viti, is scheduled for Saturday, March 18, to promote girls’ participation in conservation.

“It’s important to foster appreciation for the environment at a young age as girls not only contribute to shaping our future but also actively engage in conservation today,” said Nature Fiji-Mareqeti Viti Executive Director, Nunia Thomas. “Raising awareness on biodiversity and ecosystems is the first step in helping girls understand their environment and how to protect it.”

As part of the programme, the girls would have the opportunity to meet some of the women at the forefront of conservation efforts including Thomas, Sarah Pene, Sangeeta Mangubhai and Patrina Dumaru. The conservationists would be spending lunch with the GIRLS Club, to discuss their experiences of women working in science and research in Fiji.

Thomas will also be presenting on Fiji's biodiversity and areas of threatened biodiversity to the girls.

The day will be comprised of several activities, including visits to nature sites and landmarks around Suva. The GIRLS Club will be touring Colo-i-Suva park, learning the names of different trees and plants.  They will also join Freshwater Specialist Bindiya Rashni  on a hunt for critters along the Nabukavesi Stream as part of a specially designed habitat-organism game that will introduce the girls to the micro-habitats and the dwellers in the stream as well as the associated fauna. The girls will also take part in planting endangered sago palms at the Garrick Nature Reserve.

The GIRLS Club excursion was supported by the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA).


Programme for FWRM GIRLS excursion programme (Saturday- March 18)

  • 9am - Depart Suva
  • 9:45am - Arrive at Nabukavesi
  • 10-12pm - Activity on the river with Bindiya (on a hunt for critters along the Nabukavesi stream)
  • 12-1pm Picnic lunch on the river
  • 1:00pm Return to Suva and head up to Colo-i-Suva
  • 2:00pm-4:30pm Colo-i-Suva guided walk and tree identification
  • 4:30pm Afternoon tea and an opportunity to chat with various women in conservation (Bindiya, Sangeeta, Sarah)
  • 6:00pm Return home