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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


08 March 2021


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


FWRM launches 'Paying It Forward' - pilot mid-career women mentoring programme. 8/03/2021

FWRM launches 'Paying It Forward' - pilot mid-career women mentoring programme.
The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement today launched a pilot feminist mentoring programme for mid-career women at the “If Women Stop, the World Stops” concert in Suva, marking International Women’s Day.
Six women will be mentored by FWRM co-founder, board member and women’s rights activist, Imrana Jalal under the FWRM Mentoring Program for Mid-Career Women (PiF-M).
Executive Director Nalini Singh said the year-long programme was tailor made for Fiji citizens only, targeting this specific group of women to help provide them support and guidance.
“We are taking our current leadership programmes to the next level and we want to help contribute to the growth of women who have the potential to be leaders in their different areas of work. These women are often at mid-career and hit the “glass ceiling”; overlooked and denied the most senior levels of upper management,” Ms Singh said.
Ms Singh said helping women advance in their careers was fundamental to achieving gender equality.
“The PiF-M program will be delivered through the lens of feminism and gender equality and is a great opportunity for these mentees to navigate the next stages of their careers,” the Executive Director said.
Mentor Imrana Jalal made reference to the “Gender Equality, Diversity& Inclusion - Leadership in Fiji Government -controlled Boards” research undertaken by FWRM in 2020 which showed significant gender gaps in leadership spaces in Fiji.
“The 1995 Beijing Platform of Action set a global target of 30% women in all forms of decision making by 2020, also committed to by Fiji. Our research last year found that of 192 Board members in 38 government controlled boards, women comprise only 21% of all Board members, or 40 of 192. Ten of 38 Boards or 26%, have less than 30% women participation and 16 or 42% (close to half) of 38 Boards have no women at all,” Ms Jalal said.
“Overall, women’s participation in leadership spaces is low and this is why it is crucial that we support women at mid-career levels to help them progress into these spaces,” she said.
FWRM is hopeful that more concerted efforts will be made to reflect gender diversity in all leadership spaces and to dismantle patriarchal ideologies that limit women’s participation in decision making.
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