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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


07 March 2022


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


GIRLS lead 'Brown Girls Rocking Feminism' Event for International Women's Day


GIRLS lead 'Brown Girls Rocking Feminism' Event for International Women's Day

For the first time ever, members of the FWRM Grow.Inspire.Relate.Lead.Succeed (GIRLS) Programme designed, organised and led their own event for International Women's Day on Saturday (5/03/2022) at the Fiji Museum Verandah in Suva.

With the theme, 'Brown Girl Rocking Feminism', more than 40 diverse girls between the ages of 10-17 including Deaf girls participated and led the day's programme. This unique event was supported by the Australian Government through the Pacific Girl program that is managed by Pacific Women Lead and in partnership with the International Women’s Development Agency.

Dance, art, spoken word and pop quizzes were the highlights of the occasion. Through this, the girl participants creatively learnt about the concepts of gender and feminism debunking myths around gender stereotypes and gender roles while learning about gender equality and work feminists around this.  

"This has been an exciting experience for me. I have learnt about gender equality, I have learnt about rights and responsibilities. I have learnt that a girl can do anything she sets her mind to and to speak up and use my voice when I need to,” a GIRL participant from Vugalei settlement in Lami said.

FWRM Executive Director said there was a need to create and nurture the spaces and the platforms for girls to learn and raise their opinions and articulate issues in the face of multiple layers of discrimination they see and face on a daily basis.

"FWRM takes a life cycle approach for intergenerational leadership development ensuring the realities of women, young women and girls of all diversities are highlighted throughout. Girls experience the world differently and there is significance in raising awareness on their lived realities which is key to influencing policies that affect them,” Ms Singh said.

"I have always wanted to be involved in a lot of events but couldn't because I'm deaf. I have learnt a lot through my involvement with the FWRM GIRLS Programme. I reflect back on how I grew up and I know now that I have the power to control what my future looks like,” a Deaf GIRL participant in Suva said.

The FWRM GIRLS Programme is a year-long pioneering, feminist and girls-oriented initiative in the Pacific. Currently, there are 37 girls in the Programme, which includes girls from informal settlements around Suva and Deaf girls who attend Gospel School of the Deaf.

This event was organised in the lead up to the FWRM 'If Women Stop, the World Stops' concert in solidarity with the Women’s Global Strike (WGS) that will be held at the Fiji Museum on Tuesday (tomorrow) 8th March, 2022.