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02 March 2020


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


PR: If Women stop, the World Stops Concert to mark International Women's Day

Press Release: If Women stop, the World Stops Concert to mark International Women's Day


FWRM is organising a concert in solidarity with the Women's Global Strike to be held on Friday 6 March at the Sukuna Park in Suva.

Under the theme, “If women stop, the world stops”, the Women’s Global Strike calls women from every corner of the world to stop or slow down their formal or care work and come together to demand women’s human rights. The global event commemorates International Women's Day which is celebrated on March 8.

"The concert is a solidarity action that both celebrates the significant contributions of women to our society and protests against the disturbing realities of violence and discrimination that women and girls face in Fiji, the Pacific and globally," said FWRM Executive Director Nalini Singh.

"International Women's Day has historically been a day for women to demand their rights and we are honouring that legacy. Although traditionally done against a body of authority, this strike is against a larger system of oppression and the patriarchy that continues to hinder our progress towards gender equality," said Ms Singh.

Every day women and girls' bodies are being assaulted, there is a lack of access to safe and decent work, justice, healthcare, education, and other essential services. Women and girls continue to be underrepresented in leadership spaces and are at the front lines of the climate crisis.

The "If Women Stop, the World Stops" concert is open to the general public and will feature artists Natalie Raikadroka and Laisa Vulakoro and her band, as well as, speakers from the human rights movement, partners and allies.

"We invite everyone to join us for a day at Sukuna Park to enjoy the music and welcome speakers from the public who wish to share their messages of solidarity and other symbolic actions to commemorate IWD with us," said Ms Singh.

You could choose any of the following actions in solidarity:

  • close your office and be with us for the day;
  • Close your office symbolically before 12 noon and come and spend the afternoon with us just as the speeches start;
  • Or send some of your colleagues down for an hour or two during lunch

FWRM is one of 137 organisations and 177 individuals globally who have joined the Women’s Global Strike campaign.

This call for a Women’s Global Strike on 8 March 2020 has been initiated by the Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), a leading network of feminist organisations and grassroots activists in Asia Pacific. APWLD’s 248 members represent groups of diverse women from 27 countries in Asia Pacific. FWRM is a long-standing member of APWLD.


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