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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


16 March 2018


Fiji Women's Rights Movement



GIRLS & ELFA Creative Expressions

In commemoration of International Women’s Day 2018, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement has organised an evening of creative art performances at the University of the South Pacific’s AusAid Performance Theatre tonight from 6pm-8pm Thursday, March 8.

FWRM’s GROW INSPIRE RELATE LEAD SUCCEED (GIRLS) programme in partnership with the Emerging Leaders Forum are hosting the creative performances through songs, music, poetry and dance after undertaking six weekends of Creative Writing workshops.

For 32 years, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement (FWRM) has been committed to raising awareness on women’s rights and human rights through law reform and attitudinal change through its programmes. The GIRLS Theatre Programme is a flagship programme launched in 2013 under FWRM’s Intergenerational Women in Leadership Programme, targeted towards GIRLS from the ages of 10-12. The program utilises creative methods like art and sports, to empower girls and help raise awareness on their rights.

The six weeks of creative workshops brought together intergenerational women who shared on issues important to them, with participants from GIRLS, the GIRLS Club (graduates of the GIRLS Theatre program), ELFA and GIRLS parents.

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