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35+ years of activism & feminism in Fiji


07 May 2024


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


New Board and Trustee Appointments for FWRM


FWRM is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Governance Board Chair Ms. Daiana Buresova who has begun her term this past week, replacing outgoing Chair Ms. Makereta Waqavonovono.

Ms. Buresova is a feminist and a lawyer who has a wealth of experience in governance, policy development and implementation including law reform. She currently works on the role of law in addressing NCDs in the global health law space. She is no stranger to FWRM as she held the same position before Ms.Waqavonovono's term and has had a long history of engagement with FWRM including assisting FWRM with organisational outputs.

FWRM warmly welcomes Ms. Buresova’s return and looks forward to her guidance and leadership at the Governance Board level.

FWRM expresses its sincere gratitude and acknowledges Ms. Waqavonovono's formidable leadership and her contributions to the organisation as Board Chair for nine years. FWRM was able to achieve its organisational goals that could not have been possible without her integrity, proven intellect and wisdom in her leadership of the Board in helping to realise our vision and to guide FWRM through often politically turbulent times.  FWRM is indebted to her and we wish her the very best in the next chapter of her feminist journey.

We also welcome our new Vice Chair, Akanisi Nabalarua, a lawyer and an academic, and a firm believer in transparency and access to legal avenues of redress and quality of governance. Ms. Nabalarua replaces Eseta Nadakuitavuki, after her appointment as Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Protection. 

FWRM also shares that former FWRM Governance Board member and Executive Director Ms. Virisila Buadromo has been appointed a Trustee and she joins current Trustees: Dr Neelesh Gounder and Ms. Florence Fenton.

Congratulations to our new appointees. The unwavering support of the FWRM Governance Board and Trustees continues to be demonstrated in the many successes, despite the challenges, that FWRM has achieved since it was first established.


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