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07 December 2016


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


NGO Coalition Welcomes Report on Torture

NGO Coalition Welcomes Report on Torture
6 December, 2016
The NGO Coalition on Human Rights condemns all acts of torture and welcomes the launch of the new Amnesty International report.

The report, “Beating Justice: How Fiji’s Security Forces Get Away with Torture,” documents torture and brutality cases perpetrated by uniformed officials.

“Whilst we acknowledge that the report lacked direct engagement with key institutions such as the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions, the cases of torture and violations still remain real and mainly un-dealt with,” said the Interim-Chair Michelle Reddy.

The NGOCHR has continuously condemned cases of torture by security forces. In 2016 alone, we have issued four statements denouncing the use of unnecessary force by security personnel. In a statement issued on July 14, the coalition highlighted critical issues: that ought to be addressed; these were:

1. The need for a systematic approach to addressing torture, which can bring an end to impunity for such grave human rights violations. We welcome plans for video recording of interviews and other attempts to address violence against detainees.

2. The separation of police and military, with full and adequate resourcing of the police to carry out their role in law enforcement. This would include adequate and ongoing training and up-skilling to prevent and investigate acts of torture.

“There needs to be ownership of processes from all parties including security forces to make UNCAT and the UPR recommendations a reality in Fiji,” said Ms Reddy.