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03 April 2023


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


NGOCHR Calls for Urgency in Addressing Increased Violence in Our Streets

NGOCHR Calls for Urgency in Addressing Increased Violence in Our Streets


The NGO Coalition on Human Rights (NGOCHR) is deeply concerned with the increase of gang violence and lawlessness on our streets. Graphic video content has circulated online showing an upsurge in fighting involving many young men, and between neighborhoods in the Suva area recently, and leading to serious injuries and loss of property.                        

The Coalition is calling on individuals involved in neighborhood violence to stop and respect the lives and livelihood of other Fijians that live around you. We strongly encourage everyone to access the formal justice system as a mechanism to resolve disputes whether in the home, village, community or neighborhood. Resorting to violence will only beget violence.   

The Coalition is also calling on the state and all agencies to take a holistic, collaborative approach to planning and responding to this emergence of an escalation of gang-related violence, and reported associated kidnappings, to avoid siloed planning, and to make our communities safer.

The Coalition is deeply disturbed as well about witnessing so many young men and boys participating in such violence on our streets. We strongly stress the importance of teaching young people that resorting to violence is wrong. It is the responsibility of everyone to influence positive behavioral change in young people.   

In the same spirit, the Coalition reiterates the importance of our disciplined forces in the Fiji Police Force, in maintaining professionalism when restoring law and order on our streets. Only reasonable force must be utilized to respond to the violence.   

We reiterate Fiji's commitments to eliminate torture and brutality for Fiji and to cultivate a culture of democracy that upholds citizens’ human rights for no one is above the law.