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10 August 2019


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


NGOCHR: Let them March: Labour Rights are Human Rights 10/08/19

NGOCHR: Let them March: Labour Rights are Human Rights


The NGO Coalition for Human Rights (NGOCHR) strongly supports Fiji Trade Union Congress for their call to march and rally for workers rights.

It is appalling that the Police for the fifth time have denied their fundamental right to Freedoms of Association and Assembly.

“The continuous rejection of the permit to hold a march for worker’s rights is a violation of Freedom of Assembly enshrined in Fiji’s Constitution. This is an unfortunate reflection of the state of affairs of workers rights in Fiji,”said NGOCHR Chair Nalini Singh.

“Our Government at 108th International Labour Conference reassured ILO and member states that union members are free to organise and carry out union activities without any interference and harassment from the Fijian Government.”

“We reiterate that a country that is not tolerant and receptive to trade union presence is not one that reflects democratic values. This action has further created an atmosphere of intimidation and fear,” said Ms. Singh.

The NGOCHR calls on the State to stop this harassment of our Trade Unions and allow them to freely exercise their fundamental rights.

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