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24 November 2016


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


NGOCHR PR: Annual World Human Rights Day March, Not Allowed

NGOCHR PR: Annual World Human Rights Day March, Not Allowed


The NGO Coalition for Human Rights is extremely disappointed with the Fiji Roads Authority’s decision to reject its application for its annual Human Rights Day march. Each year the NGOCHR celebrates World Human Rights Day with a procession from Flea Market through Suva City followed by a public exhibition.

This year World Human Rights Day falls on a Saturday and according to Fiji Roads Authority having a Human Rights Day march on Saturday morning (9:00 am – 10:00am) is unnecessary causing traffic disruptions and an inconvenience to the people of Fiji.

“This day is celebrated worldwide commemorating the day on which the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Locally the NGO Coalition for Human Rights along with supporters of human rights march the streets of Fiji every World Human Rights Day. Celebrating our basic human rights and freely expressing our concerns and raising awareness on critical human rights issue in solidarity with others.

It is an essential part of building individual and community support to realising and addressing human rights issues. Having a march on a Saturday morning for only one hour is surely not a big ask” said the interim NGOCHR Chair, Michelle Reddy.

The NGOCHR is calling on the Fiji Roads Authority to reconsider the NGO Coalition permit application and allow the people of Fiji to have the march on Saturday, 10th December 2016 from Flea Market to Sukuna Park.


For further information contact Michelle Reddy on +679 9982293