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03 February 2017


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


NGOCHR Speaks Out Against Refugee Deportation

NGOCHR Speaks Out Against Refugee Deportation


NGO Coalition on Human Rights condemns the arbitrary and illegal deportation of Iranian Refugee Loghman Sawari.

Fiji has signed the UN Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (1951) and the 1967 Protocol, as such the state should allow Loghman or any asylum seeker for that matter an opportunity for due process regardless of how they may have arrived on our shores.

“Section 6 of the Immigration Act (2003) states the procedures to seek asylum; therefore, Loghman should have been given an opportunity to present himself for proper immigration process as he had been intending to do today,” says NGOCHR Chair Nalini Singh.

Fiji authorities’ abrupt actions this morning has further endangered the psychological wellbeing of an individual who was already dealing with psychosocial trauma. The safety and wellbeing of an individual must be paramount regardless of their status in the country.

The inhumane treatment of a vulnerable refugee by Fiji authorities does not bode well for Fiji, which aspires to be elected on to the UN Human Rights Council.