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11 May 2018


Fiji Women's Rights Movement


PR: FWRM provides new jerseys to women’s rugby club

PRESS RELEASE: FWRM provides new jerseys to women’s rugby club


In an effort to promote women’s visibility and participation in sports, the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement presented a new set of jerseys to women’s rugby club, the Central Valkyries today.

The jerseys were designed and produced by Uprising Rugby Fiji and funded by the Australian government through the We Rise Coalition.

During the handover ceremony, FWRM Executive Director Nalini Singh highlighted the importance of providing support for women in sports, in particular, women in rugby.

“Rugby is generally perceived as a male sport and we applaud and acknowledge the women who break this stereotype and pave the way for other women and girls whose interests lie in rugby,” Ms.Singh said.

FWRM utilises sports as an avenue to empower girls and advocate for their rights through the Grow Inspire Relate Lead Succeed (GIRLS) program. The program is targeted at girls between the ages of 10 to 12, which engages them in theatre arts and tag rugby.

“Sports can be a way for girls and women to highlight their issues and make a positive change towards gender equality. Women’s rugby has grown in popularity which is a much-welcomed sign of the general acceptance of women in the sport in Fiji.”

The Central Valkyries, formerly the Central Chiefs, acknowledged FWRM’s support and team captain and manager, Nioni Nai said the sponsorship provided was critical and would go a long way for a team that was passionate about the sport but lacked the financial support needed.

“We, amongst other women’s rugby clubs in the country defy many odds, especially cultural objections by playing a sport that was always perceived as male-dominated; some of us have faced ridicule and disapproval just by participating so we are grateful for those who have stepped up to encourage us to claim our space,” she said.

The Central Valkyries will be donning their new jerseys during their next game at the Suva Women’s Rugby 10s competition held every week at Bidesi Park.